Native American Beaded Earrings

About Native American Beaded Earrings

The Beauty and Unique Qualities of Native American Beaded Earrings

Women love the class and elegance of wearing jewelry. One of the most popular types of jewelry for women to wear is a pair of elegant earrings. Much of this is because a pair of earrings can bring about a greater sense of fashion, accent a hairstyle, coordinate clothing styles and speak volumes about a woman’s sense of style. This can be especially true of Native beaded earrings. Widely known for their excellent craftsmanship, Native American beaded earrings offer unique colors, styles and high quality for consumers who are looking to reach out to a more earthly sense of style.

Over the years, Native American jewelry has become a part of natural elegance and sense of style for many women across America. While usually not garnished with lavish diamonds and rubies, the style and elegance of Native American jewelry carries a beauty in its own class. This is especially true of Native American beaded earrings. With the use of exotic beads, shells, Turquoise and other precious stones, Native American beaded earrings bring about a special sense of natural style and elegance once afforded only to Native American royalty.

With the implementation of Sterling Silver into Native American jewelry in the mid 1800’s, an expansion of the types of jewelry they crafted and their style greatly became enhanced. Today, Native American beaded earrings have become widely known throughout the United States and the world because of their unique qualities. Many of the designs of Native American beaded earrings are intricate and are irreplaceable in their quality and attention to fine detail.

Seeking Authentic Native American Beaded Earrings

For people who are looking for earrings to match their attire, the style and colors of Native American beaded earrings can vary greatly, and it is easy to color coordinate a pair of earrings with almost any color of clothing. The unique styles and intricate details used in Native beaded earrings is unmatched in most other styles, materials and designs of earrings.

It should be noted, that much of the crafting of beaded earrings is based on centuries of bead craftsmanship which has been passed on from generation to generation. While there are many copycat style creators, there are a few important markers to distinguish authenticity. First, real Native American beaded earrings have a great deal of intricacy and attention to detail. Second, authentic Native beaded earrings use only real beads created by genuine natural stones, shells, or coral, in contrast to fake Native American beaded earrings which can have beads made from cheap imitations of plastic or glass.

Additionally, Native American beaded earrings are often crafted by Native American Jeweler artisans who are known to place a certain trademark or marking on their jewelry to enhance authentication. This is done to give buyers assurance that they artisan they support is in fact the creator of their peice of jewelry. People who wish to ensure their Native Beaded earrings are real are encouraged to only buy their Native American beaded earrings from reliable Native American jeweler distributors.

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